Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our aim is customer satisfaction. We strive to maintain long-term customer relationships by offering high-quality products and services. As a result of ongoing research and development, we are constantly improving our portfolio of products and services, enabling us to provide our customers with solutions in a rapidly changing sector.


Our employees play a key role in the company's success. We are an international team of highly motivated employees with a direct stake either in the success of the company, or in the company itself. We provide onsite customer support in the local language. We offer our employees a range of opportunities for continuous professional development, designed to maintain our technological leadership in this rapidly evolving industry.



​Information provides a focus and helps motivate employees. We constantly work on optimising collaboration within the company by means of short communication paths, new media, and a social environment.


Product responsibility

Innovative, high-quality and economical – that's how our products can be described.



Our aim is to make our processes efficient and transparent, with flat hierarchies within the company serving to clearly define responsibilities.


Environmental protection

We are fighting climate change through the use of renewable raw materials. In contrast to fossil resources, biogas production releases only as much CO2 as the renewable resources themselves drew from the atmosphere during their growth.
By driving biogas and natural gas-driven company cars we reduce CO2 and exhaust emissions.


Ethical behaviour

Our work is designed to be a valuable contribution to society, and we are fully aware of our social and societal responsibilities. We treat our customers and employees equally, irrespective of ethnic background and gender. Compared with other companies, we provide charitable organisations with above average levels of support.

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