Biogas Engineering

Biogas Engineering

Biogas Engineering

Our biogas engineering operations extend along the entire biogas value chain, from project development to planning, financing, turnkey construction and operation of biogas plants with an output of 100 kW to 3,500 kW.



Biogest supports its customers right from the start with feasibility studies. The first step is to collect all the relevant information by means of a detailed project questionnaire. These results form the basis for a technological concept which reflects our modular product range and the needs of the customer. Apart from technological parameters such as capacity, raw materials, location and heat use, it is important that the plant will conform to local regulations. The plants themselves are built using standard product modules which are then optimised to meet specific customer requirements.

After determining the ideal technical parameters, a profitability analysis is undertaken for the plant. The detailed quote includes the necessary investments, the plant's expected technical parameters and its planned profitability. The entire process is undertaken by an area manager with support from relevant Biogest departments. Once contracted, the technical project begins. This forms the basis for securing approvals from the relevant authorities and, where applicable, investment funding.

After the necessary approvals have been secured, Biogest undertakes the detailed planning. It is vital that the technical documentation has been completed before construction begins.



A biogas plant is installed in three stages: civil engineering, technology and measurement & control technology. The civil engineering may be undertaken by a local contractor or by Biogest as the general contractor if the customer wishes.

Biogest supplies all the technology and measurement & control technology. Biogest employs its own project and site managers to oversee the construction phase.
The project is concluded after commissioning and test operations. Turnkey plants generally require around twelve months from the start of construction through to handover. 


Operation and service

The start phase begins once plant construction is complete. The digesters are filled and heated up. Then the optimum quantity and quality of substrate is fed into the fermenter. Once gas starts to form, the co-generation unit or gas treatment facility will go into operation for the first time.

Biogest can commission the plant itself, or with the aid of trained local partners.

Biogest offers technical services after the plant is up and running. They include monitoring the processes, the substrate and technology. Biogest is also happy to provide support in managing and optimising substrates or undertake the regular servicing of all plant components in accordance with manufacturer specifications.


Biogas projects

If you would be interested in a free and non-binding feasibility study on operating a Biogest biogas plant, then please fill out this questionnaire carefully and send it to us as an email attachment, or as a printout by fax or post. Once received, we will contact you promptly. 

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