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Biogest produces and sells high-quality and sustainably-produced agricultural products.

We not only champion the cause of renewable raw materials, we also understand that biodiversity is something we need to encourage, especially in our modern age.

That's why we have decided to plant wild crops which offer the following benefits:

  • They create additional habitats and are an extra food source for wild animals throughout the year
  • By using a variety of plant species the flowering period is lengthened, providing animals with more food
  • Harvesting later in the year reduces the danger which mowing poses to ground-breeding birds and young animals seeking cover
  • Significant reduction in soil erosion through permanent vegetation
  • Only local wild flower species and cultivars

Crops can be harvested during the first year and the first results achieved.
Analysis of the 2015 harvest will provide important insights into its potential use in biogas plants.
However, we can already see that different soil cultivation times leads to strongly varying developments in the various plant species.

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