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Who we are?

Who we are?

BIOGEST is one of the leading biogas plant manufacturer with a strong suit in mastering challenging feedstock situation, especially when it comes down to manure + stover.


We are headquarted in Austria (Europe) and run daughter companies in the UK, Italy, Romania, Serbia, the Czech Republic, France and the United States.

With a staff of 60+ employees, we have already installed 140+ biogas plants generating electricity or biomethane. Our reference plants are located in many European countries. We cover the rest of the world through our licensed partners.

Our biogas engineering operations cover the entire value chain from design and engineering to project development, financing, turnkey construction and operation of biogas plants with an output of 7,500 MMBTU to 150,000 MMBTU per digester per year.

We believe our technology to be very reliable and top performing, we also own 6 independently operating plants. These plants are owner-operated by our experienced staff. Feedstock is secured by long-term contracts with strong local agricultural partners. In addition to engineering, we are also actively operating in the field of organic agriculture. This allows us to use residual feedstock in the biogas plants and put the digestate back on the field.

Our biogas plants are built with our tried-and-tested Biogest PowerRing technology which offers numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, operating safety and availability.

We are really proud about our biogas plants averaging at a performance of well above 90%, even though some of them have been in operation for over ten years.



Mr. Brenden Williams, Project Development Manager

+1 (720) 4739486



Mr. Ivan Polak, Senior Sales Manager

+381 (622) 63610



Ms. Nina Wohlfahrt, Sales Manager

+43 (676) 6208403



Mr. Gregor Vogrin, Finance | Ops | Admin

+1 (303) 704 7129

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