Benefits for your farm

Benefits for your farm

Benefits for your farm


By putting an anaerobic digestion system on your farm, you will have numerous benefits at once:

  • Improvement of existing manure management
  • Methane capture from animal waste
  • Closed nutrient cycle by putting the digestate back on the fields
  • Clean environment by efficient processing of wastes
  • Odor reduction
  • Renewable gas generation for usage:
    • RNG: renewable transportation fuel
    • Generating renewable electricity
    • Generating renewable heat

Incentives by the government/income streams:

  • Renewable Fuel Standard:

    Generate RINs for each scf biogas you produce and sell them to obliged parties

    RINs are “Renewable Identification Numbers” which are automatically generated if your digester has EPA approval. Depending on your RIN category one can make up to 27 $/MWh th produced (Sep. 2019)


  • California’s LCFS program:

    The “Low carbon fuel standard” aims to reduce the carbon intensity (CI) of transportation fuels. By producing low carbon intense renewable natural gas and selling it to California you will receive an incentive per each Mt carbon reduced.


  • Power Purchase Agreements:

    This is an option to sell your gas in case you do not want to depend on the market prices. Utility companies or large entities need to become greener and an easy option for them is to change to green energy


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