Biogest wins further service contracts in the UK

 Biogest wins further service contracts in the UK

Biogest wins further service contracts in the UK

  • Significant interest in Biogest servicing know-how in the UK

Vienna/Dumfries: Biogest wins three further contracts for technological and biological services for agricultural biogas plants.

The PowerCompact biogas plant has an electrical capacity of 124 kW and, in addition to its own power requirements, can feed enough electricity into the public grid to power around 370 households. The two further biomethane feed-in plants have a capacity of 450 Nm³/h and 400 Nm³/h respectively. The plants are exclusively operated using organic fertilisers and energy crops which are subsequently used as high-quality ecological manure after processing in the biogas plant.

The PowerCompact biogas plants with an electrical capacity of 100 to 300 kW offer advantages in terms of plant operation, energy efficiency and operating safety. There are currently ten PowerCompact biogas plants in the UK, four of which are operated by the OPO (Own Plant Operations) business unit, complementing the international portfolio of Biogest’s own plant operations. In this segment the biogas plants are built and financed by Biogest, operated by agricultural partners, and technically and biologically serviced by Biogest.

The biomethane feed-in plants offer great potential. Converting biogas into biomethane, which can then be fed into the natural gas grid, is a highly efficient method of converting and supplying power. This allows the efficiency of biogas plants to be almost doubled and, unlike electricity, biomethane can be transported with significantly lower network losses. The EU BIOSURF project is working on the international tradability and certification of biomethane which will offer greater independence from national legislation and consequently enormous opportunities for the economically attractive use of biomethane.

The Plant Engineering business unit currently has a total of 25 Biogest biogas plants (of which five are biomethane feed-in systems) operating or in the start-up phase in the UK. The sustainable Service business unit (technical and biological services) now comprises 19 service contracts and is an essential supplement to the Plant Engineering business unit.

The technical services offered by Biogest cover everything from safe commissioning through to regular servicing and plant maintenance. Thanks to our clever replacement parts logistics, including service vehicles, Biogest service personnel can ensure that your biogas plant is always up and running. This optimises availability and minimises downtimes.

Biological services support the biogas plant during commissioning and subsequent operations. The experienced team continually monitors the biological processes by ringing into the biogas plant’s central server on a daily basis in order to record performance. Our service package also includes regular plant inspections by our specialists and training customer employees on how to operate their biogas plants.

Biogest is an internationally active biogas plant manufacturer and operator with its headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in the UK, France, US, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. More than 130 biogas plant projects generating electricity or biomethane have been completed to date. Our reference plants are located in several European countries and the global market is served by licenced partners.

As a renewable source of energy, biogas offers technological, ecological and economic ad-vantages: energy can be generated 365 days a year, at all times of the day and night, and therefore biogas plays an important role in the mix of renewable energy from water, sun and wind. In addition to helping achieve climate protection goals, biogas also helps reduce reliance on energy imports. Decentralised energy generation also guarantees sustainable local development.

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