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Technical and biological Service

We continue to provide support even after the construction and commissioning of your biogas plant is complete.
Our services are available around-the-clock as required, and are designed to help you achieve excellent performance from your biogas plant over the long term.

24/7 technical service
Our professional and experienced service team understands the importance of safe commissioning, regular servicing and plant maintenance when operating biogas plants. And thanks to our clever replacement parts logistics, including service vehicles, our service personnel can ensure that your biogas plant is always up and running. This optimises availability and minimises downtimes.

Biological service
Our experienced biological service team provides support during commissioning and subsequent biogas plant operations, and continually monitors the biological processes by ringing into the biogas plant's central server on a daily basis in order to record performance. Our service package also includes regular plant inspections by our specialists, and training customer employees on how to operate their biogas plants.

Our service hotline is open every day, around-the-clock:

Telephone: +800 008 008 08


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