Biogest receives major contract for the construction of a 3.6 MW biogas plant in France

Biogest receives major contract for the construction of a 3.6 MW biogas plant in France

Biogest receives major contract for the construction of a 3.6 MW biogas plant in France

  • One of the largest agricultural biogas plants in France
  • The largest Biogest biogas plant

Charchigné/ Vienna: Biogest receives its first order to build an agricultural biogas plant in the Mayenne region, in northwestern France. The Charchigné project is considered as a showcase project in the region and beyond- after all, it should become one of the largest agricultural biogas plants in France. Followed by projects in the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Austria, this first Biogest biogas plant in France represents an essential reference plant for further projects.

The plant has an electrical output of 3.6 MW and is operated on a plant area of 3 hectares with agricultural waste and energy crops. The supply of the substrates is carried out by about 110 farmers within a radius of 25 km in the region, whose main activities are in the milk production field and cattle-, pig- and poultry industry.

The generated electricity by the biogas plant is fed into the public grid and can supply approx. 8,500 households with electricity. In addition, the heat in form of steam can be provided for the neighbouring dairy industry group. This innovative project converts approx. 110,000 tonnes of biological waste into electricity, heat and biological fertilizer each year, thereby avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers.

The biogas plant is carried out in the tried and tested Biogest PowerRing technology, which has advantages regarding the energy efficiency and operational safety as well as the space-saving modular design.

The financing partner of the biogas plant project is Meridiam, an international investment fund focused on the development, financing and management of sustainable public infrastructure projects. Finergreen, who is specialised in financing consulting for renewable energy projects, fulfilled the financial structuring of the project.

Biogest is an internationally active biogas plant manufacturer and operator with its headquarters in Austria and subsidiaries in France, in the UK, US, Italy, Romania, Serbia and the Czech Republic. More than 130 biogas plant projects generating electricity or biomethane have been completed to date. Our reference plants are located in several European countries and the global market is served by licenced partners.

As a renewable source of energy, biogas offers technological, ecological and economic advantages: energy can be generated 365 days a year, at all times of the day and night, and therefore biogas plays an important role in the mix of renewable energy from water, sun and wind. In addition to helping achieve climate protection goals, biogas also helps reduce reliance on energy imports. Decentralised energy generation also guarantees sustainable local development.

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